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What do the children say about Jack and Jill?
 "I love playing with my friends and the sand and the house in the garden!" - Sa
"I like dancing to music at Jack and Jill" - S

11th (10).JPG

"I like all the grown ups at Jack and Jill" - J
" I love everything at Jack and Jill" - Je
"I like playing with my friends and using the sellotape!" - E
"I really like playing in the garden and reading stories" - M


And the parents...
“ I feel you guys love babies and as a parent I feel so happy and comfortable handing X's care over to you each day."
"Thanks again for all the effort you put in and for creating such a warm and welcoming environment."


"just wanted to say how grateful we are to have had the chance to send our children to Jack and Jill. We were reflecting on all of the amazing staff we’ve interacted with over the years and of course the management team too. The kids have had a great start and thank you very much. We love their leaning journals and wow books. We’re sad to say goodbye but we’ll continue to wave when we go past!


“Thank you so very much for all you have done whilst she has been with you at Jack and Jill. You have cared for her, inspired her, encouraged her and created an amazing environment for her to be herself, to try new things and to grow. We have loved every minute and we will both miss Jack and Jill very much.”

Printed 25 Nov (345).JPG

“M has thoroughly enjoyed every day in the Little Ark. Thank you for making her feel so loved and welcomed, for all your nurturing and guidance. You are all superstars!”

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